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Grow Together with Farmers

Benefits of cooperation

  • Expanding business
  • Cash rebate reward
  • Competition program

Cash rebate reward and competition program will be held for those who join the team! Let's join us together!


Now is the time to enrol. We want you to join us together. Once you are on board, you will be selected as our source of supply. Unity is power. Our oversea customers will be looking at us as one entity of supplying fruits to them.

You will be enjoying the unity and strength with us to deliver your produces.



Favorable contract

Building good relatinoship is one of our core value


Good profit

When we cut down on middle-man, to build a better margin for farmers


Reliable business

Unless you have reliable business, we can grow together

Let's start
a proper cooperation

Make your call today and we are looking forward to serve you!

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